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How it works


Book your party

Browse our themes or we can work with you on your custom theme. We recommend booking at LEAST 2 weeks in advance!

Select book now button below to provide information for an initial quote.  

Once accepted, a $75 deposit is required to reserved your date.


We set the stage

Once confirmed, we'll schedule a time to discuss your details and review the space.  If you have any questions or special requests, we will discuss those as well. 

We arrive on the confirmed date and time to deliver, unpack and style your space.  Generally this takes 2 - 2.5 hours for parties up to 8.  


We take it away

We return after the event to remove all rental tents and supplies, making life easier for you!  Our removal time is about 1 hour for most large parties.

Each item is then thoroughly cleaned and checked before returning to storage.


Where are you located?

We are in Aurora, Ohio and service local Cleveland/Akron areas

What is included?

Each set up includes a teepee or canopy style lounge set-up, air mattress, fitted sheet, throw blanket, decorative pillows and tent decorations to coordinate with your theme, battery operated string lights on each tent, breakfast tray, tray lantern, and other décor. 

Pricing also includes free delivery (within 15 miles), styling of our tent setups, pick up, an emergency kit (extra batteries, air pump, and bed)​, and thorough cleaning of all items.

When should I book my party?

It's never too soon to book!  We're happy to take reservations months in advance however we know it can be difficult to plan that far ahead.  We recommend booking at least TWO WEEKS in advance to allow us to properly prepare items for your event.  Last minute booking (Less than 7 days prior to your event) is subject to availability and a rush charge beginning at $35. 

Where can you deliver?  Is set up extra?

We offer free delivery to the surrounding areas of Aurora.  Delivery, set-up, styling, and removal is included to areas within 15 miles (one-way) from 44202.  Additional charges (per miles) will be applied for distances beyond 15 miles and those will be listed in your quote.  If you have questions, please let us know.

How long does set up take?

Usually, setups take about 2-3 hours for a party of 8. Slightly longer if there are add-ons that require set up.  Disassembling usually takes us about 1 hour. Sometimes, there are special circumstances that might make the setup take longer.  We will schedule a set-up time when you book for either the morning of, or the day before the event if necessary.  We will remove the rentals the day following the event.

Can the tents or teepees be used outside?

No, unless indicated, our tents and teepees are to be used inside only. 

What do I have to do to prepare?

Please have the area clean and all furniture moved prior to the arrival of our staff.  Daydreamer Celebrations does not move any furniture for liability issues.  

The tents must be set up in a smoke free area.  Failure to provide a smoke free area will result in loss of deposit and event cancelled.  This allows for everyone to be able to enjoy these precious setups. 

After that you just have to sit back and enjoy.  We will set up all the tents, beds and trays for you. The next morning we will come and disassemble and pick up our supplies. Please be advised we do not clean up party trash. 

How much space will I need to have cleared?

Each tent and bed set up are 3.75 feet wide (45 inches) by 6.5 feet long (79 inches).  If you are worried about having enough room for the tents you require, please let us know the size of the space and we can work out a layout that fits. You will need to have the area clear of all furniture/other decor before we arrive so that set up goes smoothly! They are larger then you think so please measure the space before we get there!

Do our guests need to bring anything for a sleepover? Is a pillow provided?

Only their PJ’s and a pillow to sleep on!  For hygienic purposes, a pillow to sleep on is NOT provided.  The accent pillows are for decoration only.  A light blanket is provided with each set up.


Do I get to keep anything?

Everything we bring/set up for your party must be returned in gently used condition (pillows, stuffed animals, games, decor, etc.). If there is anything missing or broken at the end of the party, replacement costs will be charged.


Do you stay and host the party?

The party is your time to enjoy. Don't worry we will be back to tear down!


​Can you do multiple themes?

Absolutely! Though we would like to keep the themes at 2 tops.

Can I request a custom theme?

Yes we can work with you on a custom theme.  If it can be a modification of one of our current themes and we can work together to enhance it to your needs, then we are happy to do so.  If it's a completely custom theme then there will an extra charge per guest to cover the cost of the custom items.  


Do you have anything for adults?

We currently have a PJ’s & Prosecco theme for adults only.  A free mini bottle of Prosecco is provided with each tent so the group must be 21+.  If you have a specific theme or request, please feel free to ask!

What if I change my mind on the theme I picked?

Just give us a call as soon as possible.  We will do our best to help accommodate your new idea.


Can I add items to my package?

Yes!  Please check out our add-ons on our Extra Sparkle page!

What if I want to keep the tents longer than 24 hours? 

As long as there is not a demand for the tents the following day, tents can be rented for another night for a charge of $15 per tent.  

What ages do you recommend?

You know your child the best, but generally we recommend a tent party for children older than 6 years of age.  Ask about our Sleep-unders - our afternoon pj tent party for those little ones that aren't quite ready for an overnight sleep over adventure.  

Can the kids eat in the tents?

Please do not allow kids to eat or drink in the set ups. If there is any damage, stains, or missing items the replacement costs will come out of your deposit. Some snack ideas that most likely will not stain, pretzels, popcorn, gummy candy. Idea: put down a towel while they eat just in case!


Can I let my pets in the tents?

No.  We love our furry friends but would prefer they stay off the beds and outside the tents.  Look for our pet tent coming soon!

How do you clean the set-ups?

All items are wiped down/sanitized. The bedding we use is washed thoroughly between each use in a hypoallergenic detergent to ensure they are ready for the next group of kids/adults! Decorative pillows, stuffed animals, and other items are disinfected or wiped down and lint rolled.


​What payment is required?

At time of booking, we require a $75.00 deposit to save your date and theme.  The final payment will be due the day of your event. 


What happens if I have to cancel?

We understand that unexpected things happen.  We ask that you contact us as soon as possible so we can work with you to find a new date.  No deposit refunds are honored for cancellation within 7 days of your event.   Note, if you have a custom theme, additional charges may be required.


​​What if a sleepover guest cancels, is there a refund for the unused tent/teepee/bed?

We will confirm the guest count 7 days prior so if you have a guest cancel prior to that you may be refunded for that tent. In the event that you have a guest cancel after we confirmed the number of guests, there is no refund. We can set up the extra tent/bed or not. Idea: Set it up in a siblings room for a special treat!

What forms of payment do you accept?

​We are set up to receive payment on both Paypal and Venmo.  We also accept cash/check.

This sounds amazing, how do I book?

It's easy and only takes a few minutes - you can select the Book Now button below, email us with general questions at, or call us at 216.409.0672. We look forward to working with you!

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