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Cyndi and Frisco, the world's greatest Tibetan Terrier!
Family trip to visit our daughter studying in Ireland, November 2022

My Story

   The spirit behind Daydreamer Celebrations actually started when I was in grade school and begged my mom for a sleepover birthday party every year!  So many memories were created that I still get messages about the parties from those childhood friends each year when my birthday rolls around.

   Fast forward to being a mom, I was happy to oblige when birthday sleepovers were requested by my kids.  I looked forward to these parties almost as much as they did and took them up a notch with their favorite theme of the moment, homemade themed cakes, decorations, etc. all in the hopes that I was helping them create some pretty magical memories.  The added bonus was that it allowed me to have fun and express creativity!

   In 2022, after deciding it was time to leave my 25+ year corporate career in marketing and product development, I found myself looking for something new but not back in an office.  I wanted the opportunity to be able to express myself creatively, daily, and not just for my kids birthdays - who by the way are now grown and off to college, but never too old for a themed party.  So, with research, planning, and a great deal of encouragement from my husband, kids and family, I decided to take the leap and start Daydreamer Celebrations.  

  Although I'm just beginning, it thrills me that I have already had the pleasure of watching faces light up when the tents are decorated and ready to let the magic of the sleepover begin!


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